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What is a FASS Fuel System

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One of the most common question we get here at www.midwesttruckproducts.com is, “What is a FASS system?” The answer to that question is different for different drivers.First, FASS stands for Fuel Air Separation System, a combination aftermarket diesel fuel pump and diesel fuel filtration system. The installation of a FASS system can improve fuel flow and fuel mileage, increase the life of your diesel injectors and provide fuel filtration with a rating as low as 3 Micron.This is what makes a FASS system so unique and versatile that it can be used by daily drivers with stock trucks or true performance enthusiasts racing at the track on the weekends.

Increased Fuel Flow

For many customers that have performed a Google search they have found that FASS fuel systems offer different level of pumps that flow different volumes of fuel.For example the smallest volume offered is rated to flow 95 gallons per hour and increase up as high as 260 gallons per hour.Selecting the pump that is right for you is simple and is based off your trucks horsepower.

Low Pressure Systems High Pressure Systems
95 GPH (Stock - 600 HP) 125 GPH (Stock – 600 HP)
150 GPH (600 HP – 900 HP) 200 GPH (600 HP – 900 HP)
220 GPH (900 HP – 1200 HP) 220 GPH (900 HP – 1200 HP)
260 GPH (1200 HP – 1500 HP)

Don’t worry about getting the exact horsepower number for your truck because all FASS Systems have a built in fuel return, referred to as a MASS Flow Return.This return will open once your fuel pump has reached the desired fuel pressure for your diesel engine and all additional fuel is then returned to your fuel tank.This is beneficial for several reasons and is an exclusive feature found only on FASS Fuel Systems.First, by returning high volumes of fuel to the fuel tank you will reduce the temperatures in the pumps motor, decreased temperatures help extend the life of your motor and is why FASS provides the longest lasting aftermarket fuel pump on the market today.Second the return process takes place after the filtration process and with the continuous flow of fuel coming from and returning to your fuel tank, your diesel fuel will be repeatedly filtered or “polished” insuring your engine receives only the highest quality of fuel possible.

Improved Filtration System

When you rely on your truck to get you from point “A” to point “B” you need to know that you are getting the best possible results from your fuel filters.The Titanium series fuel system offers superior filtration over your factory system.This is accomplished by its two stage filtration process that filters out water, air and debris as low as 3 microns.Because of this your truck will experience a smoother idle, improved fuel mileage and a longer life of your injectors saving you money from the first day you install the product.

The size of the filters is also important, the Titanium Series comes with the largest capacity of any diesel fuel filter on the market and only needs to be changed every 60,000 miles or once per year. As an added benefit, the Titanium fuel pump was designed with filters that can be cross referenced with other filter brands that can be commonly found at any auto parts store or truck stop.This is important should you find yourself on the road and you don’t have time to wait for a FASS name brand filter to be shipped to you.Just another great reason that FASS Fuel Systems are the leaders in the aftermarket diesel fuel pump market.

Check out the ready to install kits for your Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke and GM Duramax pickup trucks.If you have another diesel engine, FASS also offers universal kits designed to work on almost any diesel engine found in trucks, tractors or boats.